A great location, a unique location. The life and investment you are looking for is here with Bodrum Begonvil, which offers a perfect life with ultra luxurious, large rooms, gardens, pools and private living areas. Our project, which consists of 8 very luxurious villas, is on sale as a block sale.


Project Information

Project Name İst Marina Kartal

Project Type Residence Flat

Project Type Residene

Project Location İstanbul Kartal

Project Features

Istanbul opens its doors to a completely different world. İstmarina adds value to Kartal, a district of the city whose value is increasing day by day.

Marina residence towers that will carry your business to the top of prestige and raise it to real privilege, a modern hospital and private school that will meet your health and education needs, restaurants and cafes where unique tastes from different cuisines are offered, a shopping center with the world's distinguished brands are waiting for you in İSTMARİNA. İSTMARİNA is located in a very special location through which a high-speed train passes, as well as a seaplane and helipad.

Everything For Our Children…
In order to provide a better future for your children, we have provided a very special school with everything in İSTMARİNA, providing an international education. We wanted to have a quality school far away from the traffic chaos of the city and the need for school busses.

Modern Hospital…
In İSTMARİNA, which is a privileged world you offer to your loved ones, we provide the health services you need with an understanding far beyond the standards. İSTMARİNA is your new health center with its modern hospital.

Take Your Business Higher…
İSTMARİNA, which is an award-winning project in the concept of mixed life among all world projects, realizes the elite one for those who want the best in business life. S Towers, located close to the beach, is not only popular with its original architecture, but also with its insatiable Islands and sea views.

While İSTMARİNA AVM, which contains approximately 200 stores, brings a new breath to the retail sector with the theme of "Shopping over the Sea", the beach front of the Anatolian side is the largest shopping center. It adds a new flavor to the food and beverage culture with its restaurants where historical buildings are restored. With its location close to the beach, indoor and outdoor shopping venues, İSTMARİNA AVM awaits you with its restaurants and cafes offering unique tastes from different cuisines, and world-famous brands.